Labour Day


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
― Dr. Seuss

It’s 1st May, which mean its labour day. I finally get to enjoy the true meaning of this very holiday. Besides that, it is also a new month, May.

Just a month ago, which many find it amusing cause its April Fool Day. For me, I was the joke for the day. I was mentally and emotionally crushed to the very core that day. I still remember vividly how the day went by. From the text,to the conference call and what was being said over the phone.

I called my two friends immediately, sobbing and begging them to go out with me. I went out of the house, crying, with my parents kept asking why. There was a moment while I was driving that I felt like just crushing onto the side of the road.

It went on to shouting to you over the phone,feeling pain in my heart and the never ending tears. I felt betrayed. It took a lot of gut for me to trust both of you and it was crushed by both of you on the very same day. Tell me, who can actually take it being betrayed and hurt that way by the two people you least expect to do that to you, all at once?

Now, the funny thing is, you expect me to just move on and be the way it used to be in less than 2 months before you leave for your overseas studies? Tell me, who decided that their own feelings is much more important than our friendship? Both of you said you can’t help it. Let me tell you, I can’t help it feeling disgusted by what both of you did. I hope both of you are happy together.

Enough of all this.

I’ve actually started removing some of the wallpaper in my room for the makeover project. It’s definitely a tough one to peel off and remove. At least I got things started. It’s not perfect, but I’m taking one step at a time. Just the way I’m doing with my life.

Here you go..

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Have a good day!


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