Almost there


“Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall”

– A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)

4 hours of sleep. That was what I had to last me till now. I’m actually amazed by it. As usual, even if its on the weekend, I will still get up early. Body clock.

I am proud to say that I did the white coating all by myself today. Seeing the room all white made me feel that, I’ve erased whatever is left in the past. The room seem brighter and refreshing. Hopefully that’s how my future will be.

After lunch break, I couldn’t stand it going up and down the stairs to paint the top part. I’ve decided to get help. None other than my father. You can say that its ‘Father-Daughter’ bonding session.

The room is now half white and half coloured. I know I’ve been keeping from my friends, especially Aidah about the colour. Its lively lavender.

Painting the colour on my walls, feels like I’m adding colours to my life. It feels good. Though its only halfway done, I know I will finish it soon. Just like the pain and misery I felt for the past few weeks. I know I can do this, I believe I can.

Someone put up this song on FB and it gave me strength to move forward. The song ‘When you believe’ – soundtrack from Prince of Egypt. There can be miracle, when you believe.

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