Thank you for being you


I came across an article on Facebook regarding how we forget to thank our best friends for few reasons… I just thought I would start by doing my own here.


Thank you for being my best friend for 11 years. I know people always say its not about the quantity but the quality but to me, it matters even more that I got both. For 11 years, we went through different phase of life, birthdays, Hari Raya and many more celebration together. We went through our first break ups, our first failure and our ups and downs in life. With that, I could never be more thankful to have you in my life. You are the logical part that keeps me sane. You are my wake up call and the one who will slap right through me to see the reality. Though at times it does hurt me, but I am thankful for your honesty. You don’t usually give me advice because you will get me to think of my own advice for myself. Though its annoying at times, but I still love you for being right. You don’t pester me when I told you I don’t want to talk about it because you know that I will eventually come around. Thank you for being my best friend.

Nas Nasyrah

I’ve known you since 2009 and we became close ever since. We were classmates, course mate, EXCOs and P.I.C (Partners in Crime). You entertain my nonsense and my silly antics. You endured my sarcasm and my pranks. Most of the time you were my mastermind for it. We had our differences back then and that made us both not talk to each other for a period of time. It was painful at that point of time and I am thankful we manage to pull through it. A bit like Aidah, you are my logical person. Most of the time, you reminded me to be strong and you know I can be because you’ve seen me struggle during our school period and even after that. When I cry, you won’t know how to console me but instead you will be firm and tell me to stop crying and suck it up. Even so, I still love you and thankful to have you as my close friends.


You came into my life as my junior and never did I ever thought we could be close friends after that. We became close at that point where we both felt and went through the same thing in our hearts. I was amazed by how mature and strong you have become and I always admire that about you. Unlike Nas, you know how to console and what to say when I cry. You know that all I needed was just to be hug and let me cool down myself. I appreciate your silence and not say anything when I cry. You never judged me for crying like a baby, but instead you tell me to let it all out. Though we have different beliefs, you will remind me that God will have a better plan and to have faith in Him. I’m thankful for your attentive ears and gave me time to say what I truly feel, because you know it will take me some time to do so. Both you and Nas has the patient to wait.


I have always respected you as my senior, as an elder sister and as a close friend. You are protective of your loved ones and will not hold back to defend them if they are being hurt or bullied. Though you nag a lot like a makcik, I still appreciate it because I know that you care. You think differently from the others and sometimes, it helps me to see at a different perspective. Thank you for answering all my medical questions and being my personal ‘doctor’ most of the time. Even though I get nag after that for not taking care of my health, I know you have my best interest at heart. Thank you for being a caring missy and makcik to the 3 of us.


I came along to your life and became close when you were at your lowest point. I’ve seen how much stronger you’ve become ever since and I am proud of the person you are now. The way you care for the people close to you is crazy but sweet. Thank you for leaving things behind to come down and be there for me. I appreciate you travelling all the way to the east even though you kept saying its far. You came down anyway. I’ve always admire how you continue being yourself despite the fact that people judge you for who you are. You took care of me and never complain about it. Even when you do, I know you’re just being annoying. I’m sorry for being a pain in your ass and disturb you all the time. Or maybe I’m not sorry at all because you do the same to me. Even so, I’m thankful to have you in my life and stuck with me till now. 


Our history and how we became close was complicated and hilarious at the same time. We met through your best friend and things turn out that both of us closer than you were with her. We went through tough times together. You’ve seen me at my worst and stayed when I’m at my best. Though we never contact each other all the time, I know you still exist in my life and still my friend. You are also one who will protect the ones close to you. That’s your minah side, I always say. I was touched when you told me you still keep a lookout for me on social media. Thank you for coming to my life and making a difference in my life

That’s all I have for now. Though I may not be lucky to find love easily, I am thankful to be able to have close friends around me that loved me for who I am. Thank you ladies for being a huge part of my life. Love you all! 


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